Call for Papers

First International Workshop on Quantitative Syntax (Quasy 2019) will be held on August 26, 2019, in Paris.  Quasy will be one of the 4 events of the Paris Syntax Fest (August 26-30).

  • Aims

Quantitative syntax analysis benefits from the thriving of structured language data in the (computational) linguistics field and the growing popularity of statistical methods inside the linguistic community. Despite the rapid development of Corpus and Treebanks, the linguistic potential of combining such structured data with statistical methods remains unexplored. Quasy 2019 responds to the growing need for linguistic meetings dedicated to quantitative syntax analysis and theorizing that is based on empirical data. The meeting is held under the auspices of the International Quantitative Linguistics Association (IQLA).

  • Topics

Topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Descriptions of all aspects of syntax related phenomena, including but not limited to psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, language typology, language acquisition, stylometry, translation, etc., as far as they use quantitative methods based on empirical language data
  2. Methods to explore and analyze corpora, treebanks or any other empirical data which serve syntax analysis
  3. Theoretical studies based on syntax data (hypothesis testing)
  4. Investigations into interrelations among syntactic factors
  5. Discussions about linguistic units or the impact of annotation styles in syntax analysis
  6. Syntactic structures (tree structures, valency structures,...) and their distributions
  7. Syntax modeling and its applications
  8. Word order investigations

Invited Speaker

There will be four invited speakers during the Syntaxfest week:

  • Barbara Plank - University of Copenhagen
  • Ramon Ferrer i Cancho - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
  • Adam Przepiórkowski - Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Paola Merlo - Université de Genève
  • Emmanuel Dupoux - Laboratoire de Science Cognitive et Psycholinguistique


Papers should describe original work; they should emphasize completed work rather than intended work and should indicate clearly the state of completion of the reported results. Submissions will be judged on correctness, originality, technical strength, significance and relevance to the conference, and interest to the attendees.

The deadline for the long paper submissions is April 28, 2019, and the deadline for the short paper submissions is June 5, 2019. Papers must be submitted in PDF format through the SyntaxFest EasyChairsite (

On the submission page, authors submit their paper only once for the whole SyntaxFest, composed of 4 conferences, but they can uncheck conferences they do not wish their paper to be considered for. If the paper is deemed appropriate for more than one of the selected conferences, the SyntaxFest joint organization committee decides on the final placement of the paper, which implies the day of the presentation and the proceedings the paper will appear in.

We invite two types of submissions: Long papers and short papers. Long papers may consist of up to 10 pages of content (excluding references). Short papers may consist of up to 6 pages of content (excluding references).

All submissions should follow the one-column format and style guidelines. Submissions will have to be in LaTeX, OpenDocument, or Microsoft Word templates created for the SyntaxFest 2019 (see below). 

Reviewing of papers will be double-blind. Therefore, the paper must not include the authors' names and affiliations. Furthermore, self-references that reveal the author's identity, e.g., "We previously showed (Zeng, 2018) ...", must be avoided. Instead, use citations such as "Zeng (2018) previously showed ...". Papers that do not conform to these requirements will be rejected without review.

in case of questions, please contact:

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: May 5 (original: April 28) for long papers,  June 12 for short papers (original: June 5). 
  • Notification of acceptance: June 4 for long papers, July 1 for short papers
  • Camera-ready: June 26 for long papers, July 10 for short papers
  • Conference: August 26


The proceedings of the workshop will be available in the ACL Anthology.

Long Talks

Long talks are allotted 20 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for discussion. Please ensure that your presentation does not exceed the specified length.

The lecture room will be equipped with a computer running PowerPoint and Adobe Reader. If you plan to use this computer, you should install your presentation (at the latest) during the break preceding your session. If you plan to use your own laptop, you should verify that everything works before the session starts. Also make sure to bring any adaptors that are needed to connect to a standard VGA port.

Short Talks and Posters

Short talks are allotted 15 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for discussion. Please ensure that your presentation does not exceed four and a half minutes in length.

To save time, all presenters of short talks will be required to install their presentation on the computer in the lecture room. The preferred format is PDF, but PowerPoint is also possible. Make sure to install your presentation before your session starts.

Poster sessions are scheduled after lunch on Monday and Wednesday, immediately after the corresponding short talks, but posters can be displayed for the whole day. The recommended format for posters is either A0 portrait or A1 landscape. You should make sure that at least one of the authors is available for discussion next to the poster during the entire poster session. If possible, also try to be available during coffee breaks.

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